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Emotional growth & development focused guidance for realizing importance, surpassing all expectations, and keeping self talk strong.



Knowing our story is hard to think about.  Telling your story can be terrifying.  The thought of sharing it is unthinkable. Whether working with a group or one-on-one, Kenny's approach is always the same: help them learn about themselves, build their confidence to speak it, then empower them to share and influence others.


LEARN:  We have all been asked in many variations to "tell something about ourselves", only to be met with a blank mind and a few moments of awkwardness.  Imagine being ready for those questions, not just for interviews, but for small talk at get-togethers or for the bright lights of the speaking stage.  Knowing your story is an investment into yourself, Kenny helps realize your importance and surpass your expectations.


BUILD:  It doesn't stop there, its just the beginning.  Once the story is created in such a way that best represents who you are the skill of repeating it begins.  In order to increase the value of your words, your story needs to be second nature, nobody Weill tell it like you.  As a veteran of the United States Air Force, Kenny understands the importance and effectiveness of repeating a task over and over.  It builds the skill of confidence that overpowers the fear while preparing the mind to be steady when the time comes to share.


SHARE: Your story will not be for everybody but it will be for somebody.  A story is only as good as those who speak it.  Every story is a journey for its owner, a message to an audience, a perspective to someone who needs to hear it.  This is how you invest in others, pass the knowledge on, and impact that someone who needed you to speak up, speak out, and R.I.S.E..


My name is Kenny Granville, founder and owner of R.I.S.E. Enterprise.  I understand the frustration and stress. During my 20 year career in leadership and communication development, I have interacted with many individuals of varying generations that go through different avenues for help and insight but nothing fundamentally changed. After becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster, Mental Awareness Advocate and certified as an emotional intelligence coach, I saw lasting change in community leaders and organizations create lasting change.


As a professional speaker, I have observed the noticeable gap in education in practice in public speaking. By providing a perspective that allows one to recognize their importance and demonstrating the ability to surpass all expectations, positive results happen. By creating an environment that coaches to communication and leadership, young adults, entrepreneurs, corporate employees and more can  be prepared.  

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R.I.S.E Values

Clarity- Predict, support and influence learning with confidence.

Ownership- Results driven with high quality and timely manner

Transparency- Operate in a way that creates openness.

Accountability- Obligated to make things better by pursuing excellence.  

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"My involvement with listening to these students was an eye opener. While I have nieces and nephews around the same age, I’ve never heard young people speak so eloquently to their life experiences. I wasn’t a part of the building process, but I can see the benefits of what Kenny is doing with my one hour with these kids. I was so impressed that I signed my niece up, who struggles with public speaking in college, for Kenny’s next class."

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